What Is the Federal Service Contract Act

d) If the contract agent has submitted to the Ministry of Labour an e98 requesting a determination of wages on the basis of a collective agreement and has not received a response from the Ministry of Labour within 10 days, the contract agent must contact the Department of Remuneration and Hours by telephone to determine when the determination of the salary can be expected. (The phone number can be found on the e98 website.) If the Ministry of Labour is unable to submit the determination of wages to the last date necessary to maintain the purchase schedule, the contract agent must include the collective agreement itself in an application or other contractual act (for example. B, the exercise of the option) and include a salary determination referring to this collective agreement created by the use of the WDOL website (see 22.1008-1 (d) (2)). Other areas that could be strengthened by the Ministry of Labour (DOL) include record keeping, a summary of responsibilities and penalties for violations, and subcontractor compliance. Contractual compliance – an alliterative term that you are probably very familiar with as a Schedule GSA contractor. We know this seems like a lot to follow, so let`s break it down into three main sections. (h) certain facilities support services, including site maintenance and landscaping. e) In order to obtain the determination of the salary applicable to each contractual measure, the customer must determine the following information about the service employees likely to be employed by the contractor and any subcontractor in the performance of the contract: The SCA matrix must be included in your price list published by GSA Advantage!®/eLibrary. You need to update this list every time the payroll calculation is updated, which usually happens once a year via a mass change in the GSA.

You will need to accept this mod in bulk and then submit a separate change through the eMod system, which must be reviewed and assigned by your contract agent before being officially added to your GSA price list. (a) On the basis of the existing collective agreement. 1. Where the salaries, benefits or periodic increases provided for in a collective agreement differ significantly from those applicable to similar local benefits, the contract staff shall immediately contact the Agency`s employment adviser in order to consider initiating the procedure provided for in 22.1021. (b) The paragraphs of this subsection 22.10 dealing with this legal requirement and the implementing regulations of the Ministry of Labour are 22.1010, with regard to the notification of procurement dates to contractors and negotiators; 22.1012-2, which explains when a collective agreement is not applicable due to late receipt by the contract agent; and 22.1013 and 22.1021, which explain when the application of a collective agreement can be challenged on the basis of a deviation from the applicable rates or the absence of external negotiations. (g) Any contract for the operation of postal contract stations for the United States Postal Service. Contractors under contract for $2,500 or more must pay at least the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, as set out in the Fair Labour Standards Act. In addition, contractors must pay overtime pay equal to one and a half times the regular hourly rates for each more than 40 hours per week. (b) Some wage regulations list a number of classes within .B occupational classification family, e.g. computer operator, levels I, II and III, or electronics technician, levels I, II and III, or typist, levels I and II.

In general, stage I is the lowest level. This is the entry level, and the establishment of a lower level through compliance is not allowed. In addition, trainee classifications may not be compliant. Aids in skilled maintenance occupations (e.B. Electricians, machinists and auto mechanics), whose duties are indeed distinct and different activities, may also be used if they are listed in the salary determination but may not be compliant. Compliance should not be used to artificially divide or subdivide the classifications listed in wage determination. However, compliant procedures may be applied where the work performed by an employee under the contract does not fall within the scope of a classification listed in the salary determination, regardless of the job title. (See 29 CFR 4,152.) Contractors and subcontractors can challenge findings of violations and exclusion before an administrative judge (ALJ). Contractors and subcontractors may appeal the decisions of the ALJ to the Administrative Review Commission (ARB).

The ARB`s final findings on violations and exclusions can be challenged in federal courts and are binding. (1) anniversary, if annual funds are allocated to the mission; or “Wage Determination” means a determination of the minimum wage or benefits as defined in 41 U.S.C. 6703 or 6707(c) that apply to the employment of one or more classes of service employees in a particular location. (ii) The services provided for in the contract are regularly offered and sold to non-governmental customers and made available to the public by the contractor (or subcontractor in the case of an exempt subcontract) in significant quantities in the ordinary course of business. (b) If the procuring entity becomes aware later before the expiry of the time limit for the submission of tenders from potential suppliers in places not yet determined, the procuring entity shall: — (2) The possible places or service areas which the procuring entity has already determined. The SCA applies to any contract entered into by the United States or the District of Columbia whose primary purpose is to provide services in the United States through the use of service personnel. The FCC requires contractors and subcontractors who provide services under covered federal or District of Columbia contracts over $2,500 to pay service employees in various categories at least the monetary wage rates and provide benefits that prevail in the region, or the rates (including planned increases) included in the collective agreement of a predecessor contractor […].